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AWWA C600 - Standard for Installation of Ductile-Iron Water Mains and Their Appurtenances

This standard describes installation procedures for ductile-iron mains and their appurtenances for water , wastewater and reclaimed water.

1.1.1 Conditions not discussed. Installations that require special attention, techniques and materials are not discussed. Each of these installations requires special considerations based on many influencing factors that cannot be discussed adequately in a single standard. These installations may require design by a competent engineer and consultation with representatives of the material manufacturing industry. Some of these installations include the following:

  1. Piping through rigid walls.
  2. Piping on supports above or below ground.
  3. Piping requiring insulation.
  4. Treatment plant or pump-station piping.
  5. Flanged joint piping.
  6. Ball and socket piping.
  7. Grooved and shouldered piping.
  8. Restrained joint piping.
  9. Industrial piping.
  10. Piping through geologically hazardous areas.
  11. Piping in high-density, stray-current environments.
  12. Piping through unstable soil.

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