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MSS SP-89 - Pipe Hangers and Supports - Fabrication and Installation Practices

This Standard Practice was developed by a cooperative effort of representatives of the pipe hanger manufacturers. It is based on the best current practice and on the collective experience of the industry. There are three companion standards - MSS SP-58 and MSS SP-69 relate to hanger materials, design, manufacture, selection and application; MSS SP-127 relates to the design, selection, and application of bracing for piping systems subject to seismic - wind - dynamic loading. In addition, the MSS Technical Committee 403 has developed guidelines for pipe supports contractual relationships and on hanger terminology as covered in MSS SP-77 and MSS SP-90 respectively.


This Standard Practice establishes recommended procedures for detailing, fabrication, and installation of pipe hangers and supports. These procedures supplement, but do not replace, those of the manufacturer.

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