- Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA)

Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA)

Promote the establishment of the long-term installation goal and implementation of the various measures for the expansion and acceleration of installations, as well as positioning wind power generation as an important power source among purely domestic renewable energies for the long-term energy demand of our country.

To enlarge the acceptance capacity of the electric power system for wind power generation aiming at realizing the long-term installation goal of wind power generation; promote the implementation of various measures for strengthening the electric power system, such as the buildup and maintenance of transmission substation facilities; institutionalization of the maintenance cost burden; and utilization of a system of connecting lines between companies.

Promote optimization of buy-out methods (increase to appropriate prices, extension of buy-out period, price by electric power source: banding, etc.) for electricity and environmental values from wind power sources, aiming at realizing the long-term installation goal and sound growth of wind power generation.

Promote relaxation and rationalization of regulations relevant to wind power generation, including the Agricultural Land Act, Forest Act, Natural Parks Act, Electric Business Act, and Building Standards Act.

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