Electrical Symbols

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QuantitySymbolMeasuring UnitsDescription
Capacitance \(C\) Farad unit of capacitance

\(C=Q + V\)

Charge \(Q\) Coulomb unit of electrical charge

\(Q=C \cdot V\)

Conductance \(G\;\) Siemen reciprocal of resistance


Current \(I\) Amp unit of electrical current

\(I=V / R\)

Frequency \(Hz\) Hertz unit of frequency

\(f=1 + T\)

Impedance \(Z\) Ohm unit of AC resistance

\(Z^2=R^2 + X^2\)

Inductance \(L\;\) or \(\;H\) Volt unit of inductance

\(V_L=L (di / dt) \)

Power \(P\) Watt unit of power

\(P=V \cdot I\)

Resistance \(R\) or \(\Omega\) Ohm unit of DC resistance


Voltage \(V\;\) or \(\;E\) Volt unit of electrical potential

\(V=I \cdot R\)