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Disciplines are set up as engineering and design disciplines.  Each category (or subcategory) should give you some pointers or definitions on various types of equipment or engineering & design practices.






Other notes:

Piping Designer has done the best we could to avoid colloquialisms wherever possible. Category names, article names and articles may use words that you may or may not be used to.  We've done extensive research to try to use the proper terminology wherever possible.  If you find any discrepancy or anything that you'd like included, please feel free to contact us and we'll do the best we can to include it in an article.

We really tried to organize menus, categories and articles in alphabetical order.  We don't think that any information is more or less important than anything else.


Whereever applicable, the abbreviations, as set forth in xxxx.xx.x are in the article.  This is to make abbreviating on drawings easier for the designer.