Angular Velocity

Written by Jerry Ratzlaff on . Posted in Classical Mechanics

velocity angularAngular velocity, also known as the angular speed is the speed that an object moves through an angle, θ.  It is abbreviated as the greek letter omega, ω.  The calculation below calculates ω but does not calculate the relative velocity of a point as it moves throughout the curve.

(Eq. 1)  \(\large{ \omega = \frac { \theta } { t  }   }\)                  

(Eq. 2)  \(\large{ \omega = \frac { \Delta A } { t  }   }\)         


\(\large{ \omega }\)   (Greek symbol omega) = angular velocity

\(\large{ \Delta A  }\) = change in angle displacement

\(\large{ t  }\) = time

\(\large{ \theta  }\)   (Greek symbol theta) = angle distance



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