Kinematic Equations

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Kinematics formulas are about objects in motion and their interrelationship.  These formulas are only accurate if acceleration is constant during a time interval and it assumes all variables are in the same direction.

Kinematic Equations FORMULA

\(d = v_i t + \frac {1} {2} at^2\)

\(\frac {v_i + v_f} {2} = \frac {d} {t}\)

\(a = \frac {v_f - v_i} {t} \)

\({v_f}^2 = {v_i}^2 + 2ad \)


\(d\) = displacement

\(a\) = acceleration

\(t\) = time

\(v_f\) = final velocity

\(v_i\) = initial velocity


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