Prandtl Number

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Prandtl Number

Prandtl number ( \(Pr\) ) (dimensionless number) is used to calculate force by the ratio of momentum diffusivity (kinematic viscosity) and thermal diffusivities. 

Prandtl Number FORMULA

\(\large{ Pr= \frac{\nu} {\alpha}  }\)         


\(\large{ Pr }\) = Prandtl number

\(\large{ \nu }\)  (Greek symbol nu) = kinematic viscosity

\(\large{ \alpha }\)  (Greek symbol alpha) = thermal diffusivity

Solve for:

\(\large{ \nu =  Pr    \alpha  }\)

\(\large{ \alpha = \frac { \nu  }{  Pr  }    }\)


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