Galileo Number

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Galileo Number

Galileo number ( \(Ga\) ) (dimensionless number) (also known as Galilei number) is a ratio of forces present in the flow of viscous fluids.  It is used in the momentum of heat transfer, viscous flow, thermal expansion.

Galilei Number FORMULA

\(Ga = \frac{ g \; \dot \;\;  l^3 \; \dot \;\; \mu^2 } { \rho^2 }\)          \( Galileo \; number  \;=\;  \frac{  gravitational \; acceleration  \;\;x\;\;   characteristic \; length^3  \;\;x\;\;  viscosity^2 } { density^2 }\)


\(Ga\) = Galileo number

\(g\) = gravitational acceleration

\(l\) = characteristic length

\(\mu\) (Greek symbol mu) = viscosity

\(\rho\) (Greek symbol rho) = density


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