Boyle's Law

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Boyle's Law

Boyles is one derivation of the Ideal Gas Law.  An alternate derivation is Charle's law.  Boyle's law states that the volume occupied by a given mass of gas varies inversely with the absolute pressure if the temperature remains constant.  For a fixed amount of gas kept at a fixed temperature, \(p\) and \(V\) are inversely proportional (while one increases, the other decreases).  Boyle's law assumes that there is no temperature change in the process.

Boyle's Law formula

\(p_1V_1 = p_2V_2\)


\(p_1\) =  pressure at state

\( p_2\) =  pressure at state

\(V_1\) = volume at state

\( V_2\) = volume at state

Solve for:

\(p_1 =  \frac  {p_2V_2} {V_1}\)

\(V_1 =  \frac  {p_2V_2} {p_1}\)

\(p_2 =  \frac  {p_1V_1} {V_2}\)

\(V_2 =  \frac  {p_1V_1} {p_2}\)


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