Bulk Modulus Elasticity

Written by Jerry Ratzlaff. Posted in Fluid Mechanics

Bulk modulus elasticity (bulk modulus) is the elastic relationship between an applied pressure that acts to change the volume of the substance and the ability of a substance to withstand changes in volume when under compression.


\(K =    p  \frac {V_i}{ V_c}     \)


\(K \) or \(B \) = bulk modulus elasticity

\(p  \) = pressure

\(V_i\) = initial volume

\(V_c\) = change in volume

Solve for:

\(p =    K  \frac {V_c}{ V_i}     \)

\(V_i =  K  \frac {V_c}{ p}     \)

\(V_c =   \frac {p V_i}{ K}     \)