Stefan Boltzman Law

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Stefan Boltzmann Law

Stefan Boltzman Law states that the total energy radiated from black body radiation that is emitted by a surface is porportional to the fourth power of its absolute temperature.

Stefan Boltzmann Law Formula

\(P =  \epsilon \sigma T_a^4 A  \)


\(P\) = radiate energy

\(\sigma\) = Stefan Boltzmann Constant

\(T_a\) = absolute temperature

\(\epsilon\) (Greek symbol epsilon) = emissivity of the material

\(A\) = area of the emitting body

Stefan Boltzmann Constant

Stefan Boltzman Constant ( \(\sigma\) ) (also called Stefan Constant) has a value of \( 5.670373 \;\dot\;\; 10^{-8} \; W/m^2/K^4  \) 


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