Shear Modulus

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Shear Modulus

Shear modulus (also known as modulus of rigidity) is the ratio of the tangential force per unit area applied to a body or substance to the resulting tangential strain within the elastic limits.

Shear Modulus Formula

\(G = \frac { \sigma } { \epsilon } \)


\(G\) = shear modulus

\(\sigma\) (Greek symbol sigma) = shear stress

\(\epsilon\) (Greek symbol epsilon) = shear strain

\(F\) = force that acts

\(A\) = area on which the force acts

\(\Delta x\) = transverse displacement

\(l_i\) = initial length

Solve for:

\(\sigma = \frac { F } { A } \)

\(\epsilon = \frac { \Delta x } { l } \)


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