Temperature Differential

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Temperature differential, abbreviated as \(\Delta T\) or TD, is the difference between two specific temperature points of a volume at a given time in a system.

Temperature Differential Formula

\(\large{ \Delta T = T_h -  T_l  }\)         

\(\large{ \Delta T =   \frac {\dot {Q}_t  \;   l}   {k_t}    }\)         


\(\large{ \Delta T }\) = temperature differential

\(\large{ l }\) = length

\(\large{ \dot {Q}_t }\) = heat transfer rate

\(\large{ T_h }\) = high temperature

\(\large{ T_l }\) = low temperature

\(\large{ k_t }\) = thermal conductivity constant

Solve for:

\(\large{ l = k_t \; \frac {\Delta T} {\dot {Q}_t}   }\)


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