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      Input Values             Type of Pipe Roughness, ε  
      Flow Rate    
        Drawn tubing (glass, brass, plastic) 6e-005  
      Nominal Pipe Diameter  
      Inches     Commercial steel or wrought iron (new) 0.00180  
      Pipe Schedule  
            Commercial steel or wrought iron (existing) 0.00600  
      Length     Ft     Cast iron (asphalt dipped) 0.00480  
      Specific Gravity           Galvanized iron 0.00600  
      Viscosity     Centipoise     Cast iron (uncoated) 0.01020  
      Absolute Roughness, ε     Inces     Wood stave 0.0072 to 0.0036  
      Significant Figures           Concrete 0.012 to 0.12  
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      Velocity     ft/sec          
      Flow Rate              
      Outside Diameter     Inches          
      Inside Diameter     Inches          
      Wall Thickness     Inches          
      Area     Sq Ft          
      Velocity Head     Ft          
      Reynolds Number                
      Relative Roughness                
      Friction Factor                
      PSI/100 ft     PSI/100 Ft          
      Pressure Drop     PSI