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Water can exist in three of the four phases of matter, gas, liquid or solid.  It is a odorless, tasteless and transparent liquid.

  • Abbreviated as \(H_{2}O\) or WTR
Specific Gravity Conversion Table 
MultiplyByTo Get
  436995.7259 grain per cubic foot
  252.8910451 grain per cubic inch
  1 gram per cubic centimeter
  1e+15 gram per cubic kilometer
  1000000 gram per cubic meter
  0.001 gram per cubic millimeter
  1000000 gram per kiloliter
  1000 gram per liter
  1 gram per milliliter
  0.001 kilogram per cubic centimeter
  1e+12 kilogram per cubic kilometer
  1000 kilogram per cubic meter
  1e-15 kilogram per cubic micrometer
  0.000001 kilogram per cubic millimeter
  998.8473734 ounce per cubic foot
  0.578036674 ounce per cubic inch
  62.42796084 pound per cubic foot
  0.036127292 pound per cubic inch
  1 standard conditions
  1 specific gravity, water

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