Normal Force

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Normal Force

Normal force is always perpendicular to the surface it contacts and equal to the weight of the object. Unless there is another external force pushing the object into the contact surface there will be no normal force.

normal force







Normal Force Formula

\(\large{ F_n = \frac { f_k }   { \mu_k} }\)         

\(\large{ F_n = \frac { f_s }   { \mu_s} }\)         


\(\large{ F_n }\) = normal force

\(\large{ f_k }\) = kinetic friction

\(\large{ f_s }\) = static friction

\(\large{ \mu_k}\)  (Greek symbol mu) = kinetic friction coefficient

\(\large{ \mu_s }\)  (Greek symbol mu) = static friction coefficient


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