Potential Energy

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Potential Energy

Potential energy is the possessed energy by a body due to its relative position in a gravitational field. As the elevation of the body decreases the less potential energy.

Elastic potential energy is the energy stored in objects as the result of deformation, such as a spring when stretching or compressing.

Electric potential energy known as voltage, is when two opposite charges are held apart.

Potential Energy Formula

\( PE = m g   h \) (Gravitational Potential Energy)

\( PE = \frac {1}{2} kx^2\) (Elastic Potential Energy)

\( V = \frac {W}{C}\) (Electric Potential Energy)


\(PE\) or \(E_p\) = potential energy

\(m\) = mass

\(g\) = gravity

\(h\) = height

\(k\) = spring constant

\(x\) = displacement

\(V\) = voltage

\(W\) = work

\(C\) = charge

Solve for:

\( m = \frac {PE} {g   h} \)

\( g = \frac {PE} {m     h} \)

\( h = \frac {PE} {m   g} \)


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