Specific Heat Ratio

Written by Jerry Ratzlaff on . Posted in Thermodynamics

Specific heat ratio (adiabatic index) is the ratio of two specific heats.                


\(\gamma = \frac {C_p }   {C_v}\)


\(\gamma\) (Greek symbol gamma) or \(\kappa\) (Greek symbol kappa) = specific heat ratio

\(C_p\) = specific heat constant pressure

\(C_v\) = specific heat constant volume

\(p\) = constant pressure

\(v\) = constant volume

\(h\) = enthalpy

\(T\) = temperature

\(U\) = internal energy

\(R\) = molar gas constant (universal gas constant)

Solve for:

\(C_p = \left(\frac{\partial h}{\partial T}\right)_p\)

\(C_v = \left(\frac{\partial U}{\partial T}\right)_v\)