Isolation Gasket

Written by Matt Milbury. Posted in Gasket

isolation gasket installedIsolation gaskets (Flange Insulating Kit) are used to stop the current flow across metallic pipelines by separating two flanges. The isolation of these pipeline segments allows cathodic protection for underground and above ground pipelines to control the stray electric current flow.


Isolation Gasket Type D

This gasket is designed to specifically fit into the groove of ring type joint flanges and come in both oval and octagonal shapes.

Dwg ring joint gasket isolation type d

Isolation Gasket Type E

A full face insulating gasket centers the gasket within the flange by the bolts. This gasket covers the whole face of the flange making it less likely of a short across the flanges by any foreign material.

 Dwg full face gasket isolation type e

Isolation Gasket Type F

A ring insulating gasket is centered within the bolts of the flange. This gasket only covers the face of the flange making easier the possibility of a short across the flanges by any foreign material.

 Dwg ring gasket isolation type f


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