Pressure Drop

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Pressure Drop

The difference in pressure between two points, usually caused by friction resistance in the pipe, but moisture can also affect it.

Pressure Drop Formula

A relationship for turbulent flow in commercial steel pipes is:

\(\large{ \Delta P = \frac{Q^{1.8} \mu^{0.2}}{C \cdot d^{4.8} \cdot \rho} }\)         


\(\large{ \Delta P }\) = pressure loss due to friction

\(\large{ \mathrm {C} }\) = 20,000 for rough carbon steel pipe and 23,000 for smooth tubes.

\(\large{ d }\) = the internal pipe diameter

\(\large{ \rho }\)   (Greek symbol rho) = density of the fluid

\(\large{ Q }\) = flow rate

\(\large{ \mu }\)   (Greek symbol mu) = viscosity


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