Volumetric Thermal Expansion

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Volumetric thermal expansion, abbreviated as \(\Delta V\), also known as volume thermal expansion, takes place in gasses and liquids when a change in temperature, volume or type of substance occures.

Volumetric Thermal Expansion Formulas   

(Eq. 1)  \(\large{ \Delta V  =  V_f - V_i  }\)

(Eq. 2)  \(\large{ \Delta V  =  3 \; \alpha \; V_i  \; \Delta T  }\)        


\(\large{ \Delta V }\) = volumetric thermal expansion

\(\large{ V_f }\) = final volume of object

\(\large{ V_i }\) = initial volume of object

\(\large{ \alpha }\)   (Greek symbol alpha) = linear expansion coefficient

\(\large{ \Delta T }\) = temperature differential


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