Dynamic Blocks - Ball Valve with WNF

Written by Matt Milbury. Posted in Valve Drawings

Dynamic Blocks - Ball Valve with WNF

This Drawing Package contains blocks for ball valves at different ANSI Classes.  This drawing package contains six dynamic blocks.  Each dynamic block contains 19 blocks, a mix of single line and double line. 

pdfDynamic Block Ball Valve with Flanges41.33 KB

PD BV 2 WAY 150 2500 CS RF with WNFBall Valve with Flanges - Dynamic AutoCAD Blocks

All the blocks have been created on 'Layer 0' and can be either copied into your working drawing or can be copied into your pallettes. The drawing is saved as a .dwg file and includes the following blocks:

 Single LineDouble Line
ANSI 150 2"-12" 2"-20", 24"
ANSI 300 2"-12" 2"-20", 24"
ANSI 600 2"-12" 2"-20", 24"
ANSI 900 2"-12" 2"-20", 24"
ANSI 1500 2"-12" 2"-20", 24"
ANSI 2500 2"-12" 2"-12"

Drawing file will work  in the following formats:

  • AutoCAD 2013/ LT2013
  • AutoCAD 2010/ LT2010
  • AutoCAD 2004/ LT2004

Want to learn more about dynamic blocks?  Check out the AutoCAD webpage!

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