Formula Symbols - V

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SymbolGreek SymbolDefinitionUSMetric
\(Va\) - Vadasz number dimensionless number dimensionless number
\(p_v\) - vapor pressure \(lbf/ft^2\) \(Pa\)
\(v\) - velocity \(ft/sec\) \(m/s\)
\(v_s\) - velocity of steam \(ft/sec\) \(m/s\)
\(v_w\) - velocity of water \(ft/sec\) \(m/s\)
\(\Delta v\) delta velocity differential \(ft/sec\) \(m/s\)
\(v_d\) - velocity differential \(ft/sec\) \(m/s\)
\(VP\) - velocity pressure \(in\;wg\) \(Pa\)
\(Y\) - vertical position \(ft\) \(m\)
\(Y\) - vertical position \(ft\) \(m\)
\(\eta\) eta viscosity coefficient - \(Pa \cdot s\)
\(VI\) - viscosity index - -
\(e\) - void ratio - -
\(E\) - volt \(volt\) \(volt\)
\(V\) - volt \(volt\) \(volt\)
\(E\) - voltage \(volt\) \(volt\)
\(V\) - voltage \(volt\) \(volt\)
\(V\) - volume \(ft^3\) \(m^3\)
\(\Delta V\) delta volume differential \(ft^3\) \(m^3\)
\(V_d\) - volume differential \(ft^3\) \(m^3\)
\(\beta\) beta volumetric coefficient of expansion \(1/ ^\circ R\) \(1/ K\)
\(VE\) - volumetric efficiency - -
\(V\) - volumetric flow rate \(ft^3/sec\) \(m^3/s\)
\(Q\) - volumetric flow rate \(ft^3/sec\) \(m^3/s\)
\(B\) - volumetric fraction - -
\(\alpha_v\) - volumetric thermal expansion coefficient - -