Drawing Revision

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Drawings are typically released and revised as the design process progresses.  Depending on the companies engineering and construction requirements depends on how the drawings are releases. Listed below are several different typical revisions on drawings.  Drawing revisions fall into one of three categories (typically).  Review, Construction and As-Built.

issued for review

  • IFA - Issued for Approval
  • Issued for Client Review
  • Issued for Conceptual Review
  • Issued for Constructability Review
  • IFD - Issued for Design
  • IFOR - Issued for Operability Review
  • IFP - Issued for Progress
  • IFR - Issued for Review

issued for construction

Typically the final release of drawings prior to construction.  Drawings that are marked IFC should be of a quality that can be constructed off of

  • IFB - Issued for Bid
  • IFC - Issued for Construction
  • IFF - Issued for Fabrication
  • IFMP - Issued for Material Purchase
  • IFP - Issued for Permit

issued as-built

After completion of the project a updated set of drawings should be revised with all the changes that may have occurred during construction.

  • As-Built

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