Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger TEMA Designation

Written by Matt Milbury on . Posted in Heat Exchanger

There are many different types of shell and tube heat exchanger configurations.  To help standardize the types of configurations, the Tubular Exchanger Manufactures Association has devised a standard nomenclature to briefly describe heat exchangers.  The standard developed by TEMA describes a heat exchanger using three letters.  The first letter specifies the front head,  second letter, the flow configuration and third letter, the rear head configuration. 

TEMA Type Heat Exchanger Configurations

TEMA (Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association) has devised a standard nomenclature to briefly describe heat exchangers. The following is a description of the designation.

First Letter

TEMA #DescriptionExample
A Channel and Removable Cover  HEX Removable Channel Type A
B Bonnet (Integral Cover)  HEX Bonnet Type B
D High Pressure Closure  HEX HighPressure Type D
N Channel Integral with Tubesheet & Removable Cover  HEX Integral Tubesheet Removable Cover Type C

Second Letter

TEMA #DescriptionExample
E One Pass Shell HEX Single Pass Type E
F Two Pass Shell with Longtidudinal Baffle HEX Two Pass Type F
G Split Flow HEX Split Flow Type G
H Double Split Flow HEX Double Split Flow Type H
J Divided Flow HEX Divided Flow Type J
K Kettle Type Reboiler HEX Kettle Reboiler Type K
X Cross Flow HEX Cross Flow Type X

Third Letter

TEMA #DescriptionExample
L Fixed Tubesheet Stationary Head HEX Fixed Tube Like A Type L
M Fixed Tubesheet - Bonnet HEX Fixed Tube Like B Type M
N Fixed Tube Sheet Channel Integral with Tube Sheet & Removable Cover HEX Fixed Tube Like C Type N
P Outside Packed Floating Head HEX Outside Packed Floating Head Type P
S Floating Head with Backing Device HEX Floating Head Backing Device Type S
T Pull Through Floating Head HEX Pull Through Floating Head Type T
U U-Tube Bundle HEX U Tube Type U
W Externally Sealed Floating Tubesheet HEX Externally Sealed Floating Type W