Employee Safety Responsibilities

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These are just a few of the basic employee safety responsibilities

  • Each employee shall work in a safe manner while watching out for their fellow employees and business partners.
  • Employees are responsible for recognizing hazards and immediately correcting any unsafe conditions or practices observed and reporting them to their supervisor.
  • Immediately report all accidents, injuries, and near misses to your supervisor. 
  • All injuries, whether or not requiring services of a doctor, shall be reported to the immediate supervisor on the day of the occurrence.
  • Each employee shall comply with training requirements, federal, state, and local laws, and other company written and oral instructions while performing duties.  They will immediately report possible violations of laws, procedures, and guidelines to their immediate supervisor.
  • Each employee shall be familiar with emergency procedures applicable to the job, including response to fire and/or injuries.
  • When an employee has any doubt regarding the job procedure or the safety involved, they should consult their supervisor before proceeding.
  • Employees shall participate in routine inspection and servicing of all safety equipment, including, but not limited to fire systems, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, safety showers and eye wash facilities, emergency shutdown systems, air breathing equipment, etc.  Records of the inspections shall be maintained.
  • All equipment shall be installed and operated in accordance with company standards and applicable federal, state, and local codes and regulations.

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Tags: Safety