Business Partner Safety Responsibilities

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These are just a few of the basic business partner safety responsibilities

  • Business partner operations will be performed in accordance with the company/federal safety practices.
  • The term contractor also includes sub-contractors and vendors.
  • All business partners shall comply with all company and governmental safety rules and regulations.  Disregard for safety rules is grounds for termination of contract.
  • Business partners are responsible for assuring that their personnel are appropriately trained and qualified to perform all assigned tasks.
  • Business partners shall provide their personnel with all needed safety equipment. 
  • All accidents involving business partner personnel shall be reported immediately to the company representative in charge of the project.
  • Prior to starting work, the business partner shall meet with the company representative to discuss emergency procedures, alarm systems, shutdown controls, personal protective equipment, fire protection equipment, and hazardous chemical precautions.

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Tags: Safety