Ton/Square Foot (Long Ton)

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Ton/Square Foot (Long Ton) Conversion Table
MultiplyByTo Get
  1.058492665 atmosphere, atm
  1.072517799 bar
  107.2517799 centibar
  80.44543749 centimeter of mercury (at 0C or 32F), cm Hg
  1093.663788 centimeter of water (at 4C or 40F), cm H2O
  1072517.799 dyne/square centimeter, dyne/cm2
  27756.03395 foot of air (at 0C or 32F), ft air
  29285.41681 foot of air (at 15C or 60F), ft air
  35.88135813 foot of head, ft
  2.639286038 foot of mercury (at 0C or 32F), ft Hg
  35.88135813 foot of water (at 4C or 40F), ft H2O
  1093.663788 gram-force/square centimeter, grforce/cm2
  333072.4074 inch of air (at 0C or 32F), in air
  351425.0017 inch of air (at 15C or 60F), in air
  31.67143245 inch of mercury (at 0C or 32F), in Hg
  430.5762976 inch of water (at 4C or 40F), in H2O
  0.001072518 kilobar
  1.093663788 kilogram-force/square centimeter, kg force /cm2
  10936.63788 kilogram-force/square meter, kg force /m2
  0.010936638 kilogram-force/square millimeter, kg force /mm2
  107.2517799 kilopascal, kPa
  2.24 kip/square foot, ksf
  0.015555556 kip/square inch, ksi
  0.10725178 megapascal, Mpa
  8460.038942 meter of air (at 0C or 32F), m air
  8926.195274 meter of air (at 15C or 60F), m air
  10.93943845 meter of head, m head
  107251.7799 pascal, Pa
  2240 pound/square foot, psf
  15.55555556 pound/square inch, psi
  1 ton/square foot (long ton)
  1.12 ton/square foot (short ton)
  0.006944444 ton/square inch (long ton)
  0.007777778 ton/square inch (short ton)
  804.4544956 torr
  1093.663788 water column (centimeter)
  430.5762976 water column (inch)
  10936.63788 water column (millimeter)