Head Gasket Volume

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This calculator calculates the head gasket volume based on the cylinder bore and the gasket's compressed thickness.


Head Gasket Volume formula

\(\large{ HGV = \frac{\pi}{4} \; HGCT \; BORE^2 }\) 
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ HGV }\) = head gasket volume \(\large{in^3}\) \(\large{mm^3}\)
\(\large{ BORE }\) = bore \(\large{in}\) \(\large{mm}\)
\(\large{ HGCT }\) = head gasket compressed thickness \(\large{in}\) \(\large{mm}\)
\(\large{ \pi }\) = Pi \(\large{3.141 592 653 ...}\)


Head Gasket Volume calculator


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