Cubic Inch Displacement

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Cubic inch displacement, abbreviated as CIOD, is the size of the engine.  Determine by calculating the engine number of cylinders multiplied cylinder bore area multiplied by the stroke of the crankshaft.


Cubic Inch Displacement formula

\(\large{ CID = NOC \; 0.7854 \; BORE^2 \; STROKE }\)   


 Units English Metric
\(\large{ CID }\) = cubic inch displacement \(\large{in^3}\) \(\large{mm^3}\)
\(\large{ BORE }\) = cylinder bore size \(\large{in}\) \(\large{mm}\)
\(\large{ NOC }\) = number of cylinders - -
\(\large{ STROKE }\) = piston stroke length \(\large{in}\) \(\large{mm}\)


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