Passing Sight Distance

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sight distance 1Passing sight distance, abbreviated as PSD, is the total of all four formulas listed below.









Passing Sight Distance formula

\(\large{ PSD =  d_1 \;+\; d_2 \;+\; d_3 \;+\; d_4   }\) 
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ PSD }\) = passing sight distance  \(\large{ft}\) \(\large{m}\) 
\(\large{ d_1 }\) = initial maneuver distance \(\large{ft}\) \(\large{m}\)
\(\large{ d_2 }\) = distance while passing vehicle occupies left lane \(\large{ft}\) \(\large{m}\)
\(\large{ d_3 }\) = clearance length \(\large{ft}\) \(\large{m}\)
\(\large{ d_4 }\) = distance traversed by opposing vehicle \(\large{ft}\) \(\large{m}\)


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