Electric Flux

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Electric flux, abbreviated as \( \phi_e \), is how much of something goes through a given area.


Electric Flux Formulas

\(\large{ \phi_e = E \; S  }\)   
\(\large{ \phi_e = E_m \; S \; cos \; \theta  }\)  


\(\large{ \phi_e }\)  (Greek symbol phi) = electric flux

\(\large{ S }\) = area of the surface

\(\large{ E }\) = electric field

\(\large{ E_m }\) = magnitude of the electric field

\(\large{ \theta }\)  (Greek symbol theta) = the angle between the electric field lines and the normal to S

\(\large{ \phi }\)  (Greek symbol phi) = flux of electric field through a closed cylindrical surface


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