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pipe random length 1Straight pipe comes in random, double random, and cut lengths.  Random lengths are from 18 to 25 feet, and sometimes double random lengths from 38 to 48 feet.  The ends of the pipe lengths are normally plain end (PE), bevel for welding (BFW), or threaded and supplied with one coupling per length (threaded or coupled, or T&C).  Cut lengths are made to order and some can even come in about 80 foot lengths.

Pipe cut length refers to the specific length to which a pipe has been cut or trimmed for a particular application.  Pipes are often manufactured in standard lengths, but they might need to be cut to specific lengths based on the requirements of a construction project, installation, or any other use.  Cutting pipes to the required length is a common practice in various industries, including construction, plumbing, manufacturing, and more.  The cut length is the distance between the two ends of the pipe after it has been trimmed to the desired size.

It's important to accurately measure and cut pipes to the required lengths to ensure proper fit, function, and alignment within a system.  Various tools and techniques are used to cut pipes, such as saws, pipe cutters, and torches, depending on the material and size of the pipe.  When working with pipes, it's essential to follow industry standards and guidelines for cutting and handling pipes to ensure safety, structural integrity, and proper functionality within the intended system or application.

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