Demister Pads

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Demister pads, also called mist eliminators or demisters, are specialized components used in various industrial processes to separate liquid droplets from gas streams.  They are commonly employed in equipment such as distillation columns, scrubbers, separators, and other vessels where the removal of liquid droplets or mist from a gas is necessary.  Demister pads play a critical role in maintaining the efficiency and safety of these processes.  The main purpose of pressure vessel internal demister pads is to improve the quality of the gas or vapor being processed by removing liquid droplets.

Reasons for Demister Pad

  • Process Efficiency  -  Removing liquid droplets from gas streams prevents fouling and corrosion of downstream equipment, such as compressors or heat exchangers, which can lead to reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs.
  • Product Quality  -  In chemical and petrochemical processes, the presence of liquid droplets can affect the quality and purity of the final product.  Demister pads help ensure product specifications are met.
  • Environmental Compliance  -  In some industries, emissions regulations require the removal of certain pollutants, including liquid mist.  Demisters can assist in meeting these regulatory requirements.

Demister pads typically consist of a mesh or wire grid made of materials like metal, plastic, or fiberglass.  The mesh structure is designed to capture and coalesce small liquid droplets into larger ones, making it easier for gravity to pull them down to the bottom of the vessel.  These larger droplets can then be collected and removed from the process as needed.  There are different types of demister pads available, and the selection depends on factors such as the type of gas, the size of liquid droplets to be removed, and the operating conditions.  Common types of demister pads include wire mesh demisters, vane demisters, fiber bed demisters, and cyclonic demisters, each with its own advantages and limitations.

Demister pads are essential components in industrial processes where the separation of liquid droplets from gas streams is required.  They contribute to process efficiency, product quality, and environmental compliance by helping to maintain the integrity of the gas phase while removing unwanted liquid mist.

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