Pound per Hour

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 Gallons per Minute to Pounds per Hour Conversion Calculator
This calculation is used in steam service to measure the amount of steam produced by the amount of water is sent to the boiler.




Pound per Hour Conversion Table
MultiplyByTo Get
  10886.208 gram per day
  453.592 gram per hour
  7.559866667 gram per minute
  0.125997778 gram per second
  10.886208 kilogram per day
  0.453592 kilogram per hour
  0.007559867 kilogram per minute
  0.000125998 kilogram per second
  384 ounce per day
  16 ounce per hour
  0.266666667 ounce per minute
  0.004444444 ounce per second
  24 pound per day
  1 pound per hour
  0.016666667 pound per minute
  0.000277778 pound per second
  0.010714286 ton per day (long)
  0.010886208 ton per day (metric)
  0.012 ton per day (short)
  0.000446429 ton per hour (long)
  0.000453592 ton per hour (metric)
  0.0005 ton per hour (short)
  7.44048e-06 ton per minute (long)
  7.55987e-06 ton per minute (metric)
  8.33333e-06 ton per minute (short)
  1.24008e-07 ton per second (long)
  1.25998e-07 ton per second (metric)
  1.38889e-07 ton per second (short)