Atomic Mass Unit

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Atomic mass unit, abbreviated as u or amu, is the unit of mass used to measure atoms and molecules.  One atomic mass unit is 1/12 of the mass of one atom of the isotope carbon-12.

When referring to the mass of atoms or molecules, the atomic mass unit is often used because the actual masses involved are often very small in everyday terms.  It provides a more manageable scale for expressing these masses compared to kilograms or grams.

Atomic Mass Unit

  • \( u = 3.66086 \;X\;10^{-27} \; lbm  \)
  • \( u = 1.66054 \;X\;10^{-27} \; kg  \)


Atomic Mass Unit Conversion

Multiply By To Get
  1 atomic mass unit, amu
  1.66054E-22 centigram
  1.66054E-23 decigram
  1.66054E-25 dekagram
  1.66054E-33 gigagram, Gg
  1.66054E-24 gram, g
  1.66054E-27 kilogram, kg
  1.66054E-30 megagram, Mg
  1.66054E-18 microgram
  1.66054E-21 milligram, mg
  5.85738E-26 ounce, oz
  3.66086E-27 pound, lb
  1.83043E-30 short ton
  1.63431E-30 long ton
  1.66054E-30 metric ton
  3.66086E-30 kip


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