Pound/Square Foot

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Pound/Square Foot Conversion Table
MultiplyByTo Get
  0.000472541 atmosphere, atm
  0.000478803 bar
  0.047880259 centibar
  0.035913142 centimeter of mercury (at 0C or 32F), cm Hg
  0.488242763 centimeter of water (at 4C or 40F), cm H2O
  478.8025889 dyne/square centimeter, dyne/cm2
  12.39108658 foot of air (at 0C or 32F), ft air
  13.07384679 foot of air (at 15C or 60F), ft air
  0.016018463 foot of head, ft
  0.001178253 foot of mercury (at 0C or 32F), ft Hg
  0.016018463 foot of water (at 4C or 40F), ft H2O
  0.488242763 gram-force/square centimeter, grforce/cm2
  148.693039 inch of air (at 0C or 32F), in air
  156.8861615 inch of air (at 15C or 60F), in air
  0.014139032 inch of mercury (at 0C or 32F), in Hg
  0.192221561 inch of water (at 4C or 40F), in H2O
  4.78803E-07 kilobar
  0.000488243 kilogram-force/square centimeter, kg force /cm2
  4.882427627 kilogram-force/square meter, kg force /m2
  4.88243E-06 kilogram-force/square millimeter, kg force /mm2
  0.047880259 kilopascal, kPa
  0.001 kip/square foot, ksf
  6.94444E-06 kip/square inch, ksi
  4.78803E-05 megapascal, Mpa
  3.776803099 meter of air (at 0C or 32F), m air
  3.984908604 meter of air (at 15C or 60F), m air
  0.004883678 meter of head, m head
  47.88025889 pascal, Pa
  1 pound/square foot, psf
  0.006944444 pound/square inch, psi
  0.000446429 ton/square foot (long ton)
  0.0005 ton/square foot (short ton)
  3.1002E-06 ton/square inch (long ton)
  3.47222E-06 ton/square inch (short ton)
  0.359131471 torr
  0.488242763 water column (centimeter)
  0.192221561 water column (inch)
  4.882427627 water column (millimeter)