Ton/Square Foot (Short Ton)

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Ton/Square Foot (Short Ton) Conversion Table
MultiplyByTo Get
  0.945082737 atmosphere, atm
  0.957605178 bar
  95.76051778 centibar
  71.82628348 centimeter of mercury (at 0C or 32F), cm Hg
  976.4855254 centimeter of water (at 4C or 40F), cm H2O
  957605.1778 dyne/square centimeter, dyne/cm2
  24782.17317 foot of air (at 0C or 32F), ft air
  26147.69358 foot of air (at 15C or 60F), ft air
  32.0369269 foot of head, ft
  2.356505391 foot of mercury (at 0C or 32F), ft Hg
  32.0369269 foot of water (at 4C or 40F), ft H2O
  976.4855254 gram-force/square centimeter, grforce/cm2
  297386.078 inch of air (at 0C or 32F), in air
  313772.323 inch of air (at 15C or 60F), in air
  28.27806469 inch of mercury (at 0C or 32F), in Hg
  384.4431228 inch of water (at 4C or 40F), in H2O
  0.000957605 kilobar
  0.976485525 kilogram-force/square centimeter, kg force /cm2
  9764.855254 kilogram-force/square meter, kg force /m2
  0.009764855 kilogram-force/square millimeter, kg force /mm2
  95.76051778 kilopascal, kPa
  2 kip/square foot, ksf
  0.013888889 kip/square inch, ksi
  0.095760518 megapascal, Mpa
  7553.606199 meter of air (at 0C or 32F), m air
  7969.817209 meter of air (at 15C or 60F), m air
  9.767355763 meter of head, m head
  95760.51778 pascal, Pa
  2000 pound/square foot, psf
  13.88888889 pound/square inch, psi
  0.892857143 ton/square foot (long ton)
  1 ton/square foot (short ton)
  0.006200397 ton/square inch (long ton)
  0.006944444 ton/square inch (short ton)
  718.2629425 torr
  976.4855254 water column (centimeter)
  384.4431228 water column (inch)
  9764.855254 water column (millimeter)