Water Column (Inch)

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Water Column (Inch) Conversion Table
MultiplyByTo Get
  0.002458316 atmosphere, atm
  0.002490889 bar
  0.249088908 centibar
  0.186832015 centimeter of mercury (at 0C or 32F), cm Hg
  2.539999983 centimeter of water (at 4C or 40F), cm H2O
  2490.889083 dyne/square centimeter, dyne/cm2
  64.46252176 foot of air (at 0C or 32F), ft air
  68.01446567 foot of air (at 15C or 60F), ft air
  0.083333333 foot of head, ft
  0.006129659 foot of mercury (at 0C or 32F), ft Hg
  0.083333333 foot of water (at 4C or 40F), ft H2O
  2.539999983 gram-force/square centimeter, grforce/cm2
  773.5502611 inch of air (at 0C or 32F), in air
  816.1735881 inch of air (at 15C or 60F), in air
  0.073555912 inch of mercury (at 0C or 32F), in Hg
  1 inch of water (at 4C or 40F), in H2O
  2.49089E-06 kilobar
  0.00254 kilogram-force/square centimeter, kg force /cm2
  25.39999983 kilogram-force/square meter, kg force /m2
  2.54E-05 kilogram-force/square millimeter, kg force /mm2
  0.249088908 kilopascal, kPa
  0.00520233 kip/square foot, ksf
  3.61273E-05 kip/square inch, ksi
  0.000249089 megapascal, Mpa
  19.64817615 meter of air (at 0C or 32F), m air
  20.73080967 meter of air (at 15C or 60F), m air
  0.025406504 meter of head, m head
  249.0889083 pascal, Pa
  5.202330023 pound/square foot, psf
  0.036127292 pound/square inch, psi
  0.002322469 ton/square foot (long ton)
  0.002601165 ton/square foot (short ton)
  1.61283E-05 ton/square inch (long ton)
  1.80636E-05 ton/square inch (short ton)
  1.868320435 torr
  2.539999983 water column (centimeter)
  1 water column (inch)
  25.39999983 water column (millimeter)