Square Root Symbols

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Square Root Symbols

This is a list of most common square root symbols.

Symbol Definition Example
\( \sqrt a\)

square root

\(\sqrt a \;\times\; \sqrt a = a\)

\(\sqrt 9= 3\)
\(^3\sqrt a\)

cube root

\(^3\sqrt a \;\times\; ^3\sqrt a \;\times\; ^3\sqrt a = a\)

\(^3\sqrt 9 = 2.08008382305\)
\(^4\sqrt a\)

4th root

\(^4\sqrt a \;\times\; ^4\sqrt a \;\times\; ^4\sqrt a \;\times\; ^4\sqrt a = a\)

\(^4\sqrt 9 = 1.73205080757\)
\( ^n\sqrt a\) n-th root \(n=5\;\), \(\;^n\sqrt 9 = 1.55184557391\)


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Tags: Nomenclature and Symbols