Radiant Energy

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Radiant energy, abbreviated as \(E_r\), a type of kinetic energy that is transmitted without the movement of mass.


Radiant Energy formula

\(\large{ E_r = \sigma \; T_a^{4} }\)
Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ E_r }\) = radiant force \(\large{lbf-ft}\) \(\large{J}\)
\(\large{ T_a }\) = absolute temperature \(\large{R}\) \(\large{K}\)
\(\large{ \sigma }\)  (Greek symbol sigma) = Stefan-Boltzmann constant \(\large{\frac{Btu}{ft^2\;hr\; R^4}}\)  \(\large{ \frac{W}{m^2-K^4} }\)


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