Lorentz Factor

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Lorentz factor, abbreviated as \( \gamma \) (Greek symbol gamma), a dimensionless number, is the factor by which time, length, and relativistic mass change for an object while that object is motion.  It is a fundamental concept in Einstein's theory of special relativity.  It describes how time, length, and relativistic mass change for an object in motion relative to an observer.  The Lorentz factor is used to explain the effects of relativistic motion, where velocities approach the speed of light (c).

Key points about Lorentz factor

  • When v = 0 (stationary observer)  -  When the object is at rest relative to the observer (v = 0), the Lorentz factor is equal to 1.  In this case, there are no significant relativistic effects, and the classical laws of physics apply.
  • As v approaches c  -  As the velocity of the object approaches the speed of light (v → c), the Lorentz factor becomes increasingly large.  This means that relativistic effects become more pronounced.  Time dilation, length contraction, and relativistic mass increase are some of the consequences of this.
  • Time Dilation  -  One of the most well-known effects of the Lorentz factor is time dilation.  It means that as an object's velocity increases relative to an observer, time appears to pass more slowly for the moving object compared to the observer's time.  This effect has been experimentally confirmed and is a fundamental aspect of special relativity.
  • Length Contraction  -  Another consequence of the Lorentz factor is length contraction.  As an object moves closer to the speed of light, its length in the direction of motion appears to contract from the perspective of the stationary observer.
  • Relativistic Mass Increase  -  The Lorentz factor also describes the increase in the relativistic mass of an object as its velocity approaches the speed of light.  The mass of the object increases as it moves faster, making it more difficult to accelerate further.

The Lorentz factor is a critical component of special relativity and has profound implications for our understanding of the physical world at high velocities.  It has been confirmed through numerous experiments and is a fundamental concept in modern physics.


Lorentz Factor formula

\( \gamma = 1\;/\; \sqrt{ 1\;-\; (v^2\;/\;c^2) }   \)
Symbol English Metric
\( \gamma \) (Greek symbol gamma) = Lorentz factor \( dimensionless \)
\( c \) = speed of light \(ft\;/\;sec\) \(m\;/\;s\)
\( v \) = velocity of the traveling observer \(ft\;/\;sec\) \(m\;/\;s\)


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