Workers and People

Written by Matt Milbury on . Posted in Miscellaneous Drawings


This drawing package contains scaled workers and people in positions that are commonly used in the construction or operation of piping components. This drawing package contains 65 blocks! Whether or not your operator is operating a valve, working on a pump, falling off a ladder or getting hit by a car, this package has what you're looking for.  Operator dimensions ia 6'-1" from bottom of foot to top of hardhat.


PD ISO Fitting ButtweldIsometric Example

All the blocks have been created on 'Layer 0' and can be either copied into your working drawing or can be copied into your pallettes. The drawing is saved as a .dwg file and includes:

  • Operators and Workers doing various tasks:
    • Standing with hands in pockets
    • Operating a valve between hips and overhead
    • Operating various pieces of equipment such as astop sign, behind a desk, lifting a box
    • Getting hit by a car or falling off a ladder
    • Walking down an incline
  • Drawing file will work  in the following formats:
    • AutoCAD 2013/ LT2013
    • AutoCAD 2010/ LT2010
    • AutoCAD 2004/ LT2004