Metalloid Element

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periodic table metalA metalloid is an element that exhibits properties of both metals and nonmetals.  Metalloids are intermediate in their characteristics and often display a mixture of metallic and nonmetallic properties.  They are found along the dividing line between metals and nonmetals in the periodic table.  Metalloids typically have intermediate conductivity, meaning they can conduct electricity to some extent but not as efficiently as metals.  They may also exhibit a combination of metallic and nonmetallic luster and may have intermediate melting and boiling points.  The classification of an element as a metalloid is not always clear-cut, and the designation may vary depending on the specific properties being considered.


Metalloid Element Table

Element NameElement SymbolAtomic NumberPeriodic Group NumberPeriodic Period Number
Antimony Sb 51 15 5
Arsenic As 33 15 4
Astatine At 85 17 6
Boron B 5 13 2
Germanium Ge 32 14 4
Silicon Si 14 14 3
Tellurium Te 52 16 5


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