Threaded Pipe Support

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Threaded pipe support is a type of pipe support mechanism used to secure and hold pipes in place within various industrial, commercial, and residential applications.  Threaded pipe supports are designed to be connected to threaded rods or studs, providing a flexible and adjustable way to suspend pipes from ceilings, walls, or other structural elements.

how threaded pipe supports Typically work

  • Threaded Rods/Studs  -  These are metal rods with threads along their length, similar to screws.  They are often made of materials like steel and are available in various lengths.  The threaded rods are attached to the building's structural elements, such as beams, ceilings, or walls.
  • Pipe Clamp or Holder  -  This is a component that holds the pipe in place.  It has a mechanism to grip the pipe securely without causing damage.  The pipe clamp is threaded to allow it to be screwed onto the threaded rod.
  • Adjustability  -  The threaded design of the pipe support allows for vertical adjustment.  By turning the threaded pipe support either clockwise or counterclockwise on the threaded rod, the height of the pipe can be raised or lowered to the desired position.

Threaded pipe supports offer several advantages

  • Flexibility  -  They allow for easy adjustment of pipe height, making it simpler to achieve the desired alignment and position.
  • Installation  -  The threaded design makes installation straightforward.  The threaded rod can be fixed to the structure, and the pipe supports can be threaded on as needed.
  • Maintenance  -  If adjustments need to be made due to changes in the pipe system or the surrounding environment, it's relatively simple to raise or lower the pipe using the threaded mechanism.

These supports are commonly used in HVAC systems, plumbing installations, and various industrial settings.

Threaded Support

Threaded Support 11Angle Iron Saddle

Threaded Support 12Pipe Saddle

Threaded Support 13Pipe Clamp

 Threaded Support 14Flange Plate









Threaded Support 21Angle Iron Saddle

Threaded Support 22Pipe Saddle

Threaded Support 23Pipe Clamp

 Threaded Support 24Flange Plate










Threaded Support 31Angle Iron Saddle

Threaded Support 32Pipe Saddle

Threaded Support 33Pipe Clamp

 Threaded Support 34Flange Plate










Threaded Support 41Threaded Support










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