Magnetic Permeability

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Magnetic permeability, abbreviated as \(\mu\), also called permeability, is the ability of a material to respond to how much electromagnetic flux it can support to pass through itself within an applied electromagnetic field.


Magnetic Permeability FORMULA

\(\large{ \mu = \frac{B}{H}  }\)   


\(\large{ \mu }\)  (Greek symbol mu) = permeability

\(\large{ H }\) = total magnetic field outside the material (magnetic field)

\(\large{ B }\) = total magnetic field inside the material (magnetic intensity)

\(\large{ M }\) = total magnetic field created by the material

\(\large{ X }\) = magnetic susceptibility

Solve For:

\(\large{ B = \mu \; H  }\)   
\(\large{ M = X \; H  }\)   

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