Magnetic Field

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Magnetic field, abbreviated as B, exerts an invisible force that substances are sensative to magnetism.  Magnetic fields never cross, never start or stop, where the field is strongest, lines bunch togeather and can be seen clearly seen in the real world.


Magnetic Field Formula

 \(\large{ B = \frac{\mu \; I \; N}{l}  }\)  


 Units English Metric
\(\large{ B }\) = magnetic field \(\large{ T }\) \(\large{ T }\)
\(\large{ \mu }\)  (Greek symbol mu) = \(\large{ l }\) = permeability \(\large{ft^2}\) \(\large{m^2}\)
\(\large{ I }\) = current intensity flowing in the cable \(\large{ \frac{C}{sec}}\) \(\large{ \frac{C}{s}}\)
\(\large{ N }\) = number of turns of the wire - -
\(\large{ l }\) = length of the solenoid \(\large{in}\) \(\large{mm}\)



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