Electric Energy

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electric and magnetic fields 1Electric energy, abbreviated as \(E_e\), is both, a type of kinetic energy and potential energy, this energy is stored in an electric field or transported by an electric current.  Electricity is generated through various means, such as power plants, wind turbines, solar panels, or batteries.  When an electric current flows through a circuit, it carries energy from a source (a power plant) to a load (a light bulb or an electrical appliance).  This energy can then be converted into different forms, such as light, heat, mechanical work, or sound.

Electrical energy is a fundamental concept in understanding and analyzing electrical systems, power consumption, and energy efficiency.  It plays a crucial role in various aspects of our daily lives, powering our homes, industries, transportation, and many electronic devices we rely on.


Electric Energy formula

\( E_e \;=\; P \; t \)     (Electric Energy)

\( P \;=\; E_e \;/\; t \)

\( t \;=\; E_e \;/\; P \)

Symbol English Metric
\(\large{ E_e }\) = electric energy \(lbf-ft\) \(J\)
\(\large{ P }\) = electric power \(W\) \(kg-m^2\;/\;s^3\)
\(\large{ t }\) = time \(sec\) \(s\)


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