Subcooled Liquid

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Subcooled liquid is a state of a liquid where its temperature is below its saturation temperature at the given pressure, and it remains in the liquid phase without any tendency to vaporize or boil.  In other words, subcooled liquid exists at a temperature below its boiling point at a specific pressure.  Unlike saturated liquid, which is at its boiling point and can transition into a vapor phase with added heat, subcooled liquid has not yet reached the point where vaporization occurs.

Subcooled liquid is commonly encountered in refrigeration, air conditioning, and other cooling systems where the fluid needs to remain in a liquid state to efficiently absorb heat from the surroundings.  By keeping the liquid subcooled, the system ensures that it has a greater capacity to absorb heat before boiling occurs, thus enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the cooling process.  Understanding the properties and behavior of subcooled liquid is important in the design and operation of various thermal systems to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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